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Activity Management Plans are a key component of Council's planning process. They are prepared within the context and framework of the LTP, District Plan, Annual Plan and Funding Policy.

The purpose of the activity management plan is to ou​​tline and summarise the council's long term asset management approach for the provision and intergenerational management of water, wastewater, stormwater, water race and land drainage services - "the 5Waters" throughout the district.​

The plan is intended to be read in conjunction with the Long Term Plan and fulfils requirements of the Local Government Act 2002 (and amendments) - schedule 10.

The purpose of the pl​an is to outline:

  • The services provided now and in the future;

  • The linkages between agreed community outcomes and levels of service;

  • Acquisition, operation, maintenance, renewal and disposal of assets;

  • Assessment and mitigation of risk;

  • Funding of services; and

  • Proactive knowledge improvement.

Below is the 5Waters Activity Management Plan.  







​​Quality Assurance and Plan Status